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Nadja Bournonville

Nadja Bournonville - Intercepted



Following on from her previous work, A Conversion Act (Fotohof edition 2012), Nadja Bournonville picks up the trail of a spy story that occurred in her own family during the First World War in her new artist’s book entitled Intercepted. Referencing the disappearance of the writing on twelve postcards treated with special ink which the protagonist, Lady Eva von Bournonville, had smuggled in, the artist unleashes a veritable firework of alienations from her photographic source materials. Entirely in keeping with the ideas of Surrealism the artist uses photograms, dyes, reversals, double-exposures, negative prints, and etched surfaces. Old techniques complement this humorous interaction that knows no bounds, shifting enigmatically between fact and fiction.

„ In my work, the history of photography, family stories, memories, literature and psychology play an important role. A photographer is also a witness, a spy and a creator of alternative realities. The camera, wether analogue or digital, has only limited capabilities of telling a ”genuine” story, but it can step in and take memory’s place.“ Nadja Bournonville

Nadja Bournonville,*1983 in Vimmerby, Sweden. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

2018,Softcover, Leinen
24 × 16.5 cm,144 Pages
'+ 6 Postkarten
Edition: 500
Text: Iréne Berggren, Else Marie Hagen

Language: English, Swedish

Design: Joachim Bartsch / arc gestaltung
ISBN: 978-3-902993-65-6


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