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Paul Albert Leitner

Paul Albert Leitner - Kunst und Leben. Ein Roman

Kunst und Leben. Ein Roman


“The whole world is a picture”, writes Austrian photographer Paul Albert Leitner in the first line of this “novel” in photographs. A remarkable grab bag of images – from bucolic nature to a discarded Christmas tree, construction debris to the creamy thighs of a female nude, slick fashion shots to gritty urban scenes – come together to describe the artist’s world.Gerald Matt writes: “An old lady observes. A monkey copulates. They are happy in Berlin … In Paris they meet Santa Claus who gives them his garter belt. The Daiquiri tastes like a glacier and they cite Hemingway in Havana.”

Paul Albert Leitner, *1957 in Jenbach, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.


1999,Hardcover, Leinen, Schutzumschlag
24 × 16.5 cm,128 Pages
221 Colour images
28 B/W images
Text: Gerald Matt

Language: English, French, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-15-3


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