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Eva Maria Ocherbauer

Eva Maria Ocherbauer - la vie et la mort

la vie et la mort


In her book “la vie et la mort” the Austrian photographer Eva Maria Ocherbauer shows on the basis of a comprehensive overview of her work a special sight of world context. Each picture focuses the view on the relation between things and humans, the animated and unanimated, the infusible of living and passing away in nature and civilisation, what is hidden and what is real. The artist rediscover with today’s posibilities the traditional genres of photography – portrait, still life and landscape with a patient way of research.

Eva Maria Ocherbauer, *1959 in Graz; lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.

2005,Hardcover, dust jacket
28 × 21 cm,118 Pages
Edition: 1000
Text: Guy de Bordeaux

Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-60-3


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