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Los Angeles is the subject of Hans-Christian Schink´s photograpic publication. Captured in the dead of night are desolate landscape details that the artist has bathed in sci-fi-like iridescent lights. The results are images that seem to emanate a feeling of surveillance and discomfort. Art historian an contributing writer Kai Uwe Schierz rightly places the work of Schink in the tradition of early-Romantic landscape representation when he argues that “the romantic motif of something alien or the lost distance is just as present in the nocturnal images as in the already familiar daytime imagery.”

Hans Christian Schink, *1961 in Erfurt, Germany. Lives and works in Leipzig.

2004,Hardcover, Schutzumschlag
27 × 30.4 cm,72 Pages
34 Colour images
HG: Villa Aurora E.V.
Text: Kai Uwe Schierz

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-41-2


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