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Roos van Haaften

Roos van Haaften - Light Works Re-Risch-Lau

Light Works Re-Risch-Lau


Visual reconstructions that, like a distant echo, cast the fading memory of the sublime peak, the rustic mountain village, the overwhelming rock face dimly onto the wall. Sculpture as a process of image making. Roos van Haaften’s works seem to be descendants of Arte Povera, which seek to rebuild a sinking world via the reuse of the cheapest material. With luminous windows behind which we glimpse our own souls- capes, while at the same time we perceive the artist’s mastery of craftsmanship and her transparent shadow play. In her works, she addresses the illusion that photography creates: on the one hand, its ability to designate a concrete place at a specific time, its capacity to both inform and emotionally touch. On the other hand, her projections lead us inward, to where all images originate.

Roos van Haaften, *1983. Lives and works in Amsterdam.

22 × 16 cm,138 Pages
Edition: 500
HG: BTV Stadtforum Innsbruck, Hans-Joachim Gögl
Text: Hans-Joachim Gögl, Ruth Horak, Markus Barnay

Language: English, German

Design: Anni Seligmann, Martin Kerschbaumer, Studio Mut, Thomas Kronbichler
Published in the series: Inn Situ
ISBN: 978-3-903334-16-8


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