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Otmar Thormann

Otmar Thormann - Low Moral / Dreaming Dogs

Low Moral / Dreaming Dogs


„Low Moral“ and „Dreaming Dogs“ are tow of Otmar Thormann’s works developed between 1989 and 1990. Whereas he has previously concerned himself exclusively with individual pieces, he has now, for the first time, submitted two series of ten pictures. “Dreaming Dogs” portrays another innovation i.e. each presentation is a combination of two photographs; a large still life and a smaller picture of a sleeping dog. In “Low Moral” Thormann repeatedly assembles a few objects into new patterns on a background of wood an later canvas. Although the objects do not have any form or clear outlines, they do possess a quality which is directed towards a deep-rooted level of consciousness in the observer, who is drawn into the sequence of images.

Otmar Thormann, *1944 in Graz, Austria. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

24 × 30 cm,64 Pages
20 B/W images
Text: Kurt Kaindl

Language: English, German

FOTOHOF>EDITION Bd.: 3 (Otto Müller Verlag)
ISBN: 3-7013-0807-1


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