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Erwin Polanc

Erwin Polanc - Mago Über Verritt

Mago Über Verritt


In his artist’s book entitled Mago Über Verritt, Erwin Polanc takes a special look at reality. The selection of photo- graphs combines images that address the act of seeing and its perception. His photographs explore the anarchy of things (and the world of objects) and refuse any form of narration. Instead, they align in the book into a radical sequence structured around sounding out and sensing places, traces and relationships. They document an intent to fashion and to form through photography while affording the images an autonomous space within the book. The opportunities offered by the book medium, which have been elaborated in a congenial collaboration with renowned book designer Oliver Kimpel, are an un- deniable part of this artistic exploration. The 162 photographs within the body of the book are enfolded by a typographical bracket. The name of the book remains hidden, to be found in its entirety only on the spine of the book and the colophon. However, its word elements and fragments appear one after the other in the book, now and then engaging with the photographs in minimalistic, wilful forms.

Erwin Polanc, *1982 in Neumarkt, Austria. Lives and works in Graz, Austria.

2019,Hardcover, fadengeheftet
31.4 × 24.2 cm,172 Pages
162 Colour images
Edition: 500
Design: Erwin Polanc, Oliver Klimpel
ISBN: 978-3-902993-78-6


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