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Marina Faust - Marina Faust

Marina Faust


Viennese photographer and artist Marina Faust is the 17th winner of the photography prize awarded by the Museum der Moderne Salzburg since 1983. The Otto Breicha Prize for Art Photography – Museum der Moderne Salzburg has been offered since 2007 in memory of the first director of the former Museum of Modern Art and Graphic Arts – Rupertinum. Coinciding with Marina Faust’s first comprehensive exhibition, the artist’s book, which is divided into nine categories, encompasses works from the 1970s from the artist’s archive to her current creative output. In these, she explores new interpretations of her photographic oeuvre and finds new pictorial forms for them. She also works with videos, installations, and collages, all of which highlight the broad spectrum of her creativity.

Marina Faust, * 1950 in Vienna, Austria. Lives and works in Paris and Vienna.

22 × 16.5 cm,176 Pages
70 Colour images
64 B/W images
Edition: 500
HG: Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Text: Christiane Kuhlmann, Andrea Lehner-Hagwood, Thorsten Sadowsky

Language: English, German

Design: Alexander Nussbaumer, FONDAZIONE Europa
ISBN: 978-3-903334-02-1


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