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Susanne Huth

Susanne Huth - Poesie



An entire generation has now passed since Germany’s reunification, and Susanne Huth has gone in search of the East Germany of her childhood; a search reflected in the artist’s architecture photographs, but also in the sweet reproductions of the poetry album of her childhood, which in a subtly poetic way already hinted at political resistance. Recollections of
an age where a verse by Goethe or a glittering sticker could represent a form of passive resistance. Susanne Huth has worked with the art book medium on several occasions already, but mostly only in the form of unique copies or entirely hand-made editions. Poesie [Poetry] is her first book publication. In her essay Poesiealbum Magdeburg- Nord, Berlin author Annett Gröschner explores the relationship between public and private, again from an historical-autobiographical perspective.

Susanne Huth, *1972 in Magdeburg, Germany; lives and works in Berlin.
Annett Gröschner, *1964 in Magdeburg, Germany; lives and works in Berlin.

2010,Hardcover, Leinen
19 × 14 cm,64 Pages
48 Colour images
Edition: 500
Text: Annett Gröschner

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-902675-43-9


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