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Lisl Ponger

Lisl Ponger - Professione: fotografa

Professione: fotografa


Lisl Ponger is the winner of the 2017 Otto Breicha Prize for Art Photography. The catalogue for the eponymous exhibition at the Museum der Moderne in Salzburg (1 December 2018 – 24 March 2019) features key groups of works by the Viennese artist in both text and images. Ponger has worked with the medium of photography and film since the early 1970s and explores recurring patterns since the 19th century that are manifest in the representation of both familiar and unfamiliar cultures. Photography was the medium with which, from the mid-19th century, the ‘new’ world, i.e. all that is foreign, was ‘brought home’ and simultaneously subordinated. In her staged photographic works and installations the artist showcases the stereotypes, forms of racism and ways of seeing that have endured to this day. The title Professione: fotografa [occupation: photographer] references Michelangelo Antonioni’s film Professione: reporter [The Passenger] from 1975. The thriller examines problems of perception and personal responsibility as well as the relationship between the artist and the work.

Lisl Ponger, *1947 in Nürnberg, Germany. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

2019,franz. Broschur mit Fadenheftung
22 × 16.5 cm,128 Pages
∞ Colour images
Edition: 700
HG: Thorsten Sadowsky für das Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Text: Thorsten Sadowsky, Christiane Kuhlmann, Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll

Language: English, German

Design: Toledo i Dertschei
ISBN: 978-3-902993-73-1


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