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Lászlo Lugosi-Lugo

Lászlo Lugosi-Lugo - Salzburg gestern und heute

Salzburg gestern und heute


Fotografien um 1900 und 100 Jahre später

What was it like yesterday; what is it like today? The Hungarian photographer László Lugo Lugosi came across a series of historical photographs of the “beautiful” city of Salzburg and decided to contrast each one of them with an identical photograph from modern-day Salzburg. László Lugo Lugosi’s photo project and exhibition have been organised in conjunction with the Salzburger Museum Carolino Augusteum (SMCA) and the Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg. Soon after the invention of photography photo studios sprung up in the towns and cities of the 19th century, specialising in their townscapes. They used large-format cameras, which were unsuitable for quick snapshots. The starting point for the artist’s own work was one such series of meticulously composed views of Salzburg, characterised by a particularly fine gradation of greys and sharp detailing. The originals gave the artist an indication not only of the season, the light conditions and the time of day, but also of the photographer’s precise location more than a hundred years ago. After factoring in all these elements Lugo Lugoisi took his photographs using a large-format camera built specially to the specifications of the historical camera. Each image pair allows the viewer to make exciting comparisons between the past and the present of a city now legendary as the city of the Salzburg Festival.

15 × 15.5 cm,144 Pages

Language: German

FOTOHOF>EDITION Bd.: 27 (Otto Müller Verlag)
ISBN: 3-7013-1090-4


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