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Robert F. Hammerstiel

Robert F. Hammerstiel - So far, so near

So far, so near


Fotografien, Videoarbeiten, Texte

The close working relationship between the artist Robert F. Hammerstiel, the author Heinz Janisch and the residents of the Caritas home for the disabled CMB-Heim St. Pius / Peuerbach in Upper Austria (2000-2009) began in 2000 with the work entitled Eulogy to Things. The participants of the photography group, all of whom had multiple disabilities, were asked to photograph objects from their everyday lives. These photographic notes were complemented by written descriptions such as: There is sunshine in the forest – The tree is loud in the wind – The chair is comforting … The group worked together for many years, establishing a level of trust and cohesion that allowed its participants to work with various media – photography, video and text.

Robert F. Hammerstiel, *1957 in Pottschach (Austria); lives and works in Vienna.

24 × 19 cm,128 Pages
Edition: 1000
Text: Heinz Janisch

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-902675-29-3


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