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Alexandra Vogt

Alexandra Vogt - The Dim Feet of White-Maned Desires

The Dim Feet of White-Maned Desires


The german photographer Alexandra Vogt celebrates the freedom and sensuality of the horse and young pubertal women in this new publication. Her slightly soft, intensely saturate colour images far surpass the clichéd imagery associated with women and horses; this is a world of obsession, where the horse is a metaphor for vitality and longing in an environment that seems increasingly empty of visual and literal poetry. Vogt’s photos often pick out small details of the equestrian world, where tangled reins, prancing hooves or a wind-tossed mane become symbols for the larger meaning of these powerful, beautiful and intelligent animals, so closely intertwined with man- or woman.

Alexandra Vogt, *1976 in Mussenhausen, Germany; lives and works in Munich.

26 × 21 cm,190 Pages
183 Colour images
Text: Klaus Honnef, Harri Laakso

Language: English, German

ISBN: 978-3-901756-58-0


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