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Paul Kranzler

Paul Kranzler - Tom



“Tom” is a photo-reportage about the domestic circumstances of a young man reaching puberty. Tom lives in a small village in the countryside in Upper-Austria. He works at a construction company, lives together with his mother, his stepfather and his stepbrother on a desolate farm in the rural middle of nowhere. In his free time Tom listens to his stereo or hangs out in his car. He meets his Turkish friends, smokes from a pack of Memphis cigarettes and works-out on his home gym. He often wears his favourite sweater with the words “Versace” while he works, and is currently serving for a year in the Austrian army. From 2004 until 2006, Paul Kranzler photographed Tom, his family and his surroundings. As in the book “Land of Milk and Honey”, Paul captured the intimacy of his subject. From Tom working out or playing with the family dog in the yard, all is captured in bold and stark color-photographs that only Kranzler could take. The book includes a text from Markus Binder, the drummer and songwriter for the band “Attwenger”.

Paul Kranzler, *1979 in Linz (Austria); lives and works in Linz.

28 × 24 cm,144 Pages
120 Colour images
Edition: 400 de | 400 en
Text: Markus Binder (Attwenger)

Language: English, German


Bd.: 76
ISBN: 978-3-901756-76-4


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