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Iris Andraschek

Iris Andraschek - Wait until the night is silent

Wait until the night is silent


The artist’s book by Iris Andraschek features the self-determined alternative way of life, close to nature, of a community of people in Canada. The photographs taken in 2002 and 2010 alternate between reality and fiction. They depict an almost fairytale-like communitas as a utopian alternative to the constraints of industrial societies with their work, leisure and consumerist regimes. The series from 2002 was created during a residency in Durham, Ontario. The artist returned there again in 2010 to complete this particular work and, now that a certain period of time had elapsed, once again photographed a number of the protagonists and the location itself.

Iris Andraschek, *1963, in Horn, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria.

2014,Hardcover, Halbleinenband
31.5 × 24 cm,126 Pages
50 Colour images
Edition: 500 de | 300 en
Text: Esther Kinsky

Language: English

Design: Karin Holzfeind

Bd.: 199
ISBN: 978-3-902675-99-6, 978-3-902993-16-8


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