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Antje Guenther

Antje Guenther - What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?

What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion?


To consider beauty as a quality of truth has a long history, especially in a scientific context. WHAT IF A COUNTER PROOF MAKES ANY PROOF AN ILLUSION? questions how aesthetical impulses as well as the desire to proove is up until our time influencing the development of theories and hypotheses. It deals with those questions mainly photographically, as photography has this rich, yet complicated history of being used and abused as evidence.

The book is built symmetrically: urban photographies taken with a slighty changing camera angle, are followed by images of repro–photographed snow crystals. A number of text fragments indicate potential directions how to read the book, explicit answers, however, are not given. The book is constructed to drag the viewer into the book, to visually seduce him/her to scrutinize the subject matter, to carefully compare images and to search for potential evidence by him/herself. The book is in that sense as well about the multiple levels of observation and the observer and the inserted text AMALGAM by Miek Zwamborn explores those topics in a very poetic way.

Antje Guenther, *1981, former East Germany. Lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Leipzig, Germany

2016,Softcover, Banderole
31 × 21.8 cm,124 Pages
56 B/W images
Edition: 500
Text: Miek Zwamborn

Language: English

Design: Helmut Völter
ISBN: 978-3-902993-22-9


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