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Andreas Groll

Andreas Groll - Wiens erster moderner Fotograf

Wiens erster moderner Fotograf


Andreas Groll (1812-1872) was Vienna’s first professional photographer to make a lasting impact. Among the rapidly growing group of men who earned their livelihood with camera in hand, he was the first to whom a major oeuvre can be attributed with certainty. Groll worked continuously between 1842 and 1871. His pictures of buildings and cityscapes were taken at places across Vienna and on extensive journeys between Prague and Krakow, Regensburg and the Banat region, along the tracks of the newly-built railway line between Vienna and Salzburg and at Rosenberg castle in southern Bohemia. The publication and the exhibition, which have been developed in collaboration with the Bonartes Foundation and Wien Museum, show noteworthy highlights of his work for the first time.

Andreas Groll, 1812 – 1872, lived in Vienna, Austria.

2015,french. Softcover with thread stitching
30 × 25 cm,272 Pages
Edition: 1750
HG: Monika Faber
Text: Elke Doppler, Andreas Nierhaus, Petra Trnkova, Matti Bunzl

Language: German

Published in the series: Bonartes
ISBN: 978-3-902993-20-5


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