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- The new subjective gaze 2024

The new subjective gaze 2024



Workshop for artistic photography with Elisabeth Wörndl
Collaboration: Birgit Sattlecker, Helena Kalleitner
Photography makes it possible to directly capture what inspires us, touches us and is meaningful to us. The search for refined, photographic expression will be pursued further in the seminar.
We will also experiment with “performance” as an artistic expression.
The choice of subject will be based on subjective interest. (e.g. personal, portrait, environment, landscape, city, subjective and conceptual work, experimental photography, collage, video clips, exercises with the group).
Basic technical knowledge is required.
Thematic exchange and group discussions are emphasised.

Course programme: thematic projects, project discussions, image analyses, group discussions, exhibition visits.
Discourse: Contemporary photography
Aim: Developing a photographic project for the final presentation
Recommended reading: Vilém Flusser: “Towards a Philosophy of Photography”


1st date: Saturday, 24 February 2024
2nd date: Saturday, 23 March 2024
3rd date: Saturday, 20 April 2024
4th date: Saturday, 25 May 2024
5th date Saturday, 29 June 2024
6th date Saturday, 5 October 2024
7th date Saturday, 19 October, 2024 (final presentation)
each from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with lunch break 1 hour / 6 hours Time frame for the final presentation still open

Number of participants: approx. 10 – 12

First date: Saturday, 24 February 2024
Please bring a selection of your own printed photographs, camera (digital or analogue) and possibly a laptop to the first event.

Further information at der.subjektive.blick.fotohof@gmail.com or request participation

Kursleitung: Elisabeth Wörndl


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