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Course programme

The workshop programme developed in many years of experience at the FOTOHOF is designed in modules and is specially adapted to the needs and level of knowledge of young people, adults and school groups.
All courses take place at the FOTOHOF | Inge-Morath-Platz 1-3 | 5020 Salzburg. Registration and the respective programme focus can be found under Fotohof>Schedule. To be informed about all workshops in time, sign up for the workshop newsletter.

Basic Workshop

The popular basic course in digital photography teaches the most important aspects of photographic image composition and basic technical knowledge of digital photography. The focus is on training your personal eye through your own photo exercises, getting to know your own camera, its functions and setting options.
Using selected examples of famous photographers from the photographic art scene, we will impart important basic knowledge on how to design pictures. The portrait (single portrait, two or more people, the group of people) is the focus of the joint photographic exercises. The participants also take photos with their cameras on topics such as light and shadow, perspective, framing, foreground/background, movement. The photographs are then analysed, evaluated and printed out together. Indoor and outdoor photography imparts technical and creative basics. Basic knowledge of image management and image editing with software tips round off this basic course.

Required equipment: Digital compact camera or digital SLR camera.
Workshop instructor: Herman Seidl
Duration: 10 hours (one and a half days)
Previous knowledge: none

FOTOHOF>WORKSHOP, © Peter Schlager


This workshop is ideal for those who already have photographic experience or who would like to deepen their acquired knowledge from the basic course in digital photography. Prerequisites are an already trained eye, basic knowledge of image composition and a bridge or SLR camera with manual setting options as well as a tripod. The latter is necessary for evening shots, which we will take in the city area.
Further elements of image composition will be taught and tested in practice: sharpness / blurring / extreme perspectives / long exposure times / movement in photography. A special excursion shows the possibilities of light design with artificial, flash and mixed light under studio conditions. On the intellectual level we deal with the individual gaze. What is photographic language? How can I learn a personal photographic language? What are the different individual styles of language? Advanced techniques of image management with metadata editing and the most important steps of image editing with Adobe Photoshop or GIMP round off this workshop.

Equipment required: Digital SLR camera, tripod, possibly attachable flash. Tripods are partly available.
Workshop instructor: Herman Seidl
Duration: 10 hours (one and a half days)
Previous knowledge: Basic course

FOTOHOF>WORKSHOP, © Peter Schlager

Year-long Workshop

The aim of this workshop for artistic photography is to accompany and support the participants in their own long-term photographic projects. The topics can be chosen freely. The three workshop leaders will offer suggestions and learning opportunities from the areas that they themselves pursue.
In the course of the workshop, a long-term photo project can be pursued and the workshop leaders will contribute their individual perspectives. However, it is also possible to do several photo projects during this time and thus keep trying out new photographic approaches. However, the common goal of the workshop is to complete at least one work, which can then be presented to the public in the form of a vernissage at the beginning of the summer. The final selection of the pictures, the decision on the form of presentation and the design of an exhibition, a book or a projection is an essential part and learning objective of this annual workshop. Through the exchange with other course participants and the confrontation with three different photographers, the participants will expand and consolidate their own photographic working methods.

Equipment required: camera, tripod, possibly light, flash.
Workshop instructors: Nadine Weixler, Andrew Phelps, Kurt Kaindl
Duration: 10 days (one Saturday per month)
Previous knowledge: Interest in contemporary artistic photography, basic technical knowledge of photography.


Der neue subjektive Blick

Photography makes it possible to directly capture what stimulates us, touches us and is meaningful to us. The search for refined photographic expression will be pursued further in the seminar. In the process, we will also experiment with “performance” as an artistic expression. The choice of topics depends on subjective interest. (e.g. personal, portrait, environment, landscape, city, subjective and conceptual work, experimental photography, collage, video clips, exercises with the group).
The workshop is aimed at participants who have already attended courses at the FOTOHOF or the International Summer Academy, who would like to get to grips with photography in a particularly intensive way, and who have the technical know-how, and who would like to further develop their photographic perspective intensively, are open to new things, and would like to develop their own projects. The course programme includes thematic projects, project discussions, image analysis, group discussions, discourse on contemporary photography and the development of a photographic project for the final presentation.

Equipment required: camera, tripod, possibly light, flash.
Workshop instructors: Elisabeth Wörndl, collaboration: Birgit Sattlecker
Duration: 7 dates
Previous knowledge: Interest in contemporary artistic photography, basic technical knowledge of photography.

Youth Workshop

The Creative Photography Techniques course is a three-day workshop for children and young people aged 12 to 16, led by Helena Kalleitner and Stefanie Pirker. From artistic self-portraits to cameraless processes such as collage and cyanotype, we will approach the diverse possibilities of photography in a playful and creative way.
Bringing your own camera or smartphone is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. Participants can take home the works they have created. All processes used are safe and suitable for children.

Equipment needed: Camera or smartphone (if available)
Workshop instructors: Helena Kalleitner and Stefanie Pirker
Duration: three days
Previous knowledge: none


Photo Techniques: Identification & History

When looking at historical photographs, questions very often arise not only about the content but also about the carrier material and the technique used. What is an albumen print? When was this technique used? How are historical photographs stored? How light-sensitive are the prints? What result can one expect from a restoration?
In the two-day workshop, graduate conservator Maria Emberger will explain the distinguishing features of papers and photographic techniques using practical examples. In order to better understand the development process of historical photography, salt paper will be produced and sensitised in the darkroom. Kurt Kaindl reports from archival practice.

Equipment required: none
Workshop instructors: Maria Emberger (graduate restorer), Dr. Kurt Kaindl (FOTOHOF>ARCHIV)
Duration: 2 days
Previous knowledge: none

FOTOHOF>WORKSHOP, Identifizierung und Technikgeschichte historischer Fotografie, © Peter Schlager

Schools & Groups

Our workshop programme for school classes is a useful addition to lessons, not only in the subject of visual education. Above all, it is important to us to respond individually to the respective class situation and the desired thematic focus. For this reason we ask for personal enquiries.

Equipment required: none
Workshop instructors: Helena Kalleitner, Stefanie Pirker, Herman Seidl
Duration: flexible
Prior knowledge: The workshops are specially adapted to the knowledge of the participants.