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Edith Tudor-Hart


A Steady Eye in Turbulent Times

Exhibition view Edith Tudor-Hart, 2024 © Sebastian Albert

The work of the Austrian-British exile photographer Edith Tudor-Hart (1908 – 1973) is shown in the exhibition »A Steady Eye in Turbulent Times« in an extensive retrospective.
In recent years, the FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE has been given all the negatives still in existence, an extensive collection of vintage prints and her scrapbook (an account of her publication activities), which are now being presented to the public for the first time.
Edith Tudor-Hart (née Edith Suschitzky) was a central protagonist of social documentary photography between 1930 and 1955. She drew attention to social grievances, dealt with topics such as poverty, integration and women’s rights and depicted the living conditions of the working class. Her work was influenced by the Neues Sehen [New Vision] style and made an important contribution to the depiction of progressive educational methods, modernist architecture and modern dance.
Coming from a Jewish family in Vienna and a staunch communist, her life was marked by political persecution and personal misfortune.
Throughout her life, Edith Tudor-Hart fought against the rise of fascism and the marginalization of minorities, combining personal attitudes with the social image of her time in her work.

Edith Tudor-Hart, »Kinder vor dem runden Bau: Kensal House«, London, 1938. © Suschitzky / Donat Family. Courtesy FOTOHOF>ARCHIV
Curated by Stefanie Pirker, FOTOHOF Team