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Exhbition Opening: Edith Tudor-Hart

> 06.06.2024 7:00 PM

With this retrospective exhibition, the work of the Austrian-British exile photographer Edith Tudor-Hart, which can be found in the FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE, is being reappraised. As a central protagonist of social documentary photography between 1930-1955, she drew attention to social grievances and dealt with topics such as poverty, integration and women’s rights and portrayed the living conditions of the working class. Her work also bears witness to avant-garde elements of »Neues Sehen« and makes an enormous contribution to the depiction of progressive educational methods, modernist architecture and modern dance.

Edith Tudor-Hart, »1.Mai, Tag der Arbeit«, Wien, ca. 1931. © Suschitzky / Donat Family. Courtesy FOTOHOF>ARCHIV