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About 70 Photographs


“About 70 Photographs” is a collective exhibition of contemporary British photography currently being shown in Austria by the British Council. The photographs in the exhibition are accompanied by texts that go into detail about each individual image.
“It was in 1979 that the Arts Council of Great Britain set up a Photography Committee to help the Arts Council decide how photography should be promoted in Britain. A member of this committee was the young British reportage photographer Chris Steele-Perkins. At the invitation of the Arts Council, I began writing a book on British photography in 1977; at the same time, Chris Steele-Perkins was commissioned to buy pictures by British photographers for the Arts Council’s collection. He came to the conclusion that it was not enough just to buy and collect the images, but that there should also be a book and a detailed text to help people understand the images. Thus began the work on “About 70 Photographs”.”
from: William Messer, FOTOHOF Info, issue 1/1983

Curated by Chris Steele-Perkins, William Messer
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von The British Council