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Elfie Semotan


All personal

Exhibition view, Elfie Semotan, “all personal“, 2022, © Rainer Iglar

Elfie Semotan is rightly considered the grande dame of Austrian photography, whose work has been documented in numerous exhibitions and publications and is predominantly assigned by the public to the field of fashion and editorial portrait photography.
This major exhibition of more than 50 years of work now focuses on the artist’s hitherto little-known private image archive. FOTOHOF thus honors and positions Elfie Semotan as one of the early and important protagonists of “Autorenfotografie“ in Austria. Elfie Semotan’s persistent interest in the various possibilities of the medium of photography, her ability to give shape and poetry to the trivial world of things, runs like a thread through her archive, from its beginnings to the present day.

Elfie Semotan, “Martin Kippenberger (Frieda für alle), Venezia“, 1996, Courtesy Studio Semotan
Elfie Semotan, “August Kocherscheidt, Boissano, Italia“, 1986, Courtesy Studio Semotan