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Kurt Matt


Works from 1974–1982


Typical of this artist from the very beginning: His immersion in nature and his engagement with it through the means and optics of an analytical and constructivist way of seeing. The project of a series of 30 photographs: »Wood processed – Wood unprocessed, living«. Fifteen images of tree trunk sections of approximately equal thickness contrasted with just as many images of split and increasingly divided wood. Organic growth and its transformation through human intervention.
The object of nature versus its functional or formal objectification. Division as a visible process with the aesthetic appeal of formal variation, but also with the referential character of a permanent fragmentation of the unity and wholeness of nature through the dynamics of human will to change.
A concept of artistic visualization that is as clear as it is meaningful. A kind of sign-setting through nature with the expressiveness of light and shadow, of graphic effect.
The conceptual in Kurt Matt’s photography. An attempt to visualize the limits of photography.
from: Jörg Unger, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1983