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Heimrad Bäcker, Robert Zahornicky, Annelies Oberdanner, Hans Schabus, Krüger & Pardeller


The exhibition shows five ways of looking at different conditions, which in their subtle contextualisations allow many possible readings.
Mostly starting from a scientific basic idea, stocktaking procedures have thus emerged that offer a dense network of information in their complexity and at the same time point to the contradictions and limits of representability. Or rely solely on the narrative power of the photographic images.

Robert Zahornicky, »Ecke«, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Lambdaprint auf Alu, Diptychon, 149 x 74 cm, Courtesy Galerie Johannes Faber
Hans Schabus, »128 Ocean Boulevard«, 2005, Courtesy Galerie Engholm Engelhorn

The reports come from Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Mauthausen, Sankt Pölten and Vienna.

Curated by Margherita Spiluttini