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Uli Aigner


bin zuhause (I am at home)


Uli Aigner’s work is not exclusively photographic: the graduate of the University of Applied Arts Vienna (product design) also studied at the Film Academy Baden Württemberg (digital image design). In her exhibition, she presents large-format inkjet prints of photographic originals that reproduce views of her Austrian parental home. In Gallery Room I, a sculptural work, a stylised bed, is installed. A video projection of a computer simulation of the bed with a text animation forms the third level of reality.
Uli Aigner’s work is also a research of one’s own origins and history, but at the same time poses the general question of what “home” or “Heimat” could be and in what form “home” can take place and be experienced today. The text by Robert Fleck provides interesting insights into this complex (at home – travelling – fleeing).

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Toni Schmölzer