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Seiichi Furuya


Border / Borderless


Seiichi Furuya, who has lived in Austria with interruptions for about 20 years, is one of the country’s most important photographers. His works are mostly longer-term projects, for example series on the Austrian national border or his wife Christine, who died in 1985. The works in the exhibition “Limes/ Bilder der Schutzmauer aus Berlin-Ost, Hauptstadt der DDR” (1986-1988), “Zu Hause in Berlin-Ost” (1985-1987) and the most recent work “Vertreiben-Flüchten” (Graz, 1993) also reflect political conditions (“Limes”, “Vertreiben-Flüchten”), but also include the personal living environment as photographic inventories (“Zu Hause in Berlin-Ost”). Furuya’s works are characterised by extraordinary formal rigour, both in their conception and in their spatial presentation.