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Maurer + Horáková


Bufet (1991/92)


Based on the »BUFET« catalogue (Edition Camera Austria 1993), test Polaroids and a photographic work from the »Černá Pole« installation are on show at the Villa Tugenhat (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) in Brno. »BUFET«, with essays by Monika Faber, Werner Fenz and Petr Nedoma, documents several groups of works by the artist couple, much in the same way as a classic catalogue; but in its layout and design it also emerges as an art book referencing the avant-garde of the modernist era. Using the progressive analysis of a building structure the artists arrived at consolidating chains of association between their own work and that of others, between present and past. (…) The spatial concept by Mies van der Rohe, suggestive in its translucent beauty, also serves as the starting point, object, backdrop and framework for the work of Horáková + Maurer. (…) (Thus) (…) the medium of the catalogue now serves as a context in which old and new photographs of the Villa are contrasted, as are motifs by Mies van der Rohe with various works by Tamara Horáková and Ewald Maurer. (Monika Faber)