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Cibulka / Frey


Heinz Cibulka, Magdalena Frey

Exhibition view, “Cibulka / Frey", 2015, © FOTOHOF

An exhibition by FOTOHOF as part of the PERSPEKTIVEN ATTERSEE Art Festival

Heinz Cibulka’s photographic work is characterised by a shift away from individual images towards groups of images, collages and visual poems or “Bildgedichte“ to use his term of choice to refer to his very specific imagery. In this photographic universe he creates associative spaces and a wide diversity of relations within the individual folios, but also across the entire exhibition space. It is as much a culinary visual feast as it is a rich palette of quotations and allusions, all of which allow the informed visitor to penetrate deeply into his imagery. The many leitmotifs running through his oeuvre revolve around essential human experiences such as birth and death, eating and drinking, sensual pleasures and religiosity, tradition and modernity. For the exhibition at the Atterseehalle Heinz Cibulka has created a new work about the region itself, which will be on show for the first time at the opening.

Heinz Cibulka, from the series: “Attersee“, 2015

Film portraits by Magdalena Frey are to be shown in a separate screening room. They include the film “TagTraumDeutung“ [DayDreamInterpretation], a multifaceted portrait of Heinz Cibulka and his artistic work. The film congenially adopts his imagery and transposes it to the medium of film. The screening room will also feature an array of other film portraits for visitors to choose from, including a film on the relics of a matriarchal civilisation.