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Herbert Huber, Günther Selichar


Condicio Morum: Erotasie und Praxotik


Trivial novels and pornography are a social necessity. The need for illusion and the opportunity to escape from reality are the basis of life, with a male world view setting the tone. Specific role distributions require the apparent acting out in the area opposite the light novels, pornography, and vice versa. This type of compensation reinforces the situation and increases the degree of alienation.
The projection surfaces, which at first glance appear to be completely contradictory, are actually very close to each other. We have tried to re-establish this absurd connection.
Even the quasi-opposing viewpoints in an association turned out to be projections. This internalized problem makes claim and reality almost one and the same.
Our starting point was text passages from trivial and pornographic literature, and as a logical consequence of the facts of the case, image stagings of the respective other pole were created. This photo project is exhibited in conjunction with an environment.
from: FOTOHOF Info, issue 2/1984