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Wolfgang Woess




»Dschungeldorf« (Jungle Village) is really called that and is an extensive settlement of weekend houses in the Danube floodplains near Greifenstein, 20 km northwest of Vienna. Because of the danger of flooding, all the houses are on stilts, but the floods are decreasing as the Danube barrages continue to be expanded. A new barrage is currently being built directly near Greifenstein, which will probably make stilted construction in this area obsolete once and for all.
The old core of the settlement has existed for several decades, well-tended gardens with short mown lawns and conifers – alien to the original floodplain landscape – are shielded from the outside world by hedges. At the edge, Dschungeldorf extends further and further into the floodplain forest, the “jungle”, where, in contrast to the established older part, it has a comparatively aggressive character; the well-kept hedges are contrasted by construction huts and gravel pits, and the oxbow lakes and ponds become dumping grounds for garbage and debris.
I’ve been familiar with the place from a young age; my parents own a weekend garden on a hillside not far from Jungle Village. In my childhood I often roamed the streets of the settlement by bicycle, exploring the “jungle” as an Indian. This photo series is a narrative about »Dschungeldorf«, about my impressions of »Dschungeldorf« . The pictures were taken in the period from June to October 1982.