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Eine Frage (nach) der Geste


Stefan Banz, Elina Brotherus, Alba D´Urbano, Tina Bara, Melanie Manchot, Michael Schäfer, G.R.A.M


A wink can be a gesture, a revolution too. Gestures are the second language of man, and where the visual arts dispense with words, their rank rises. There is no sharp concept of gesture, but it is essentially defined by drawing the boundaries to other related terms such as gesticulation, pose, gesture or mimic. There are gestures of power, gestures of love, gestures of the sexes, there are specific gestures of art, gestures of the media public sphere… saving gestures.
“A Question (about) Gesture” was developed as an overall project at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts by professors Alba D’Urbano (media art) and Tina Bara (photography). The ambitious exhibition project, with more than 50 international participants, had its premiere at a special exhibition venue, the Leipzig Opera House, where it also included the performing arts, performance, dance, etc. The FOTOHOF concentrates on the media arts and photography. As one of the cooperation partners of this project, the FOTOHOF concentrates on a selection of positions of international photo and video artists.

G.R.A.M, »Schaumkonzert«, 2005, Courtesy Christine König Galerie Wien