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Gerhard Skrapits


Photographers from Styria 1: »Eingriffe«


“Interventions” (in the stone) shows the process of human intervention in existing nature. This process can be viewed from two perspectives: from the point of view of the conservationists and from the point of view of those who intervene by working and producing. From the point of view of the conservationists, the wounds inflicted on nature, the contamination of the landscape by waste dumps, industrial plants, noise and dust are evident.
The other point of view shows that these interventions in the stone are necessary for us (in our time): for the construction of housing estates, roads, river regulation and so on. This results in further and greater interventions in nature.
My work shows quarries. I do not want to anticipate the point of view of the viewer.
from: Gerhard Skrapits, FOTOHOF Info 4/1982-83