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Jana Freiband


Forgotten Angels


The black and white pictures by Jana Freiband are partly from the series »Forgotten Angels« . Some of the images are hand-colored.
For Jana Freiband, the world is mystical – her photos reflect this experience. At first glance, you often only see bizarre arrangements or everyday shots. But even a second »look« reveals the stylistic unity: as different as the themes are (and the titles refer to locations all over Europe and the USA), a certain way of experiencing things dominates. To simply say »way of seeing« would certainly not be precise enough. The statement about the author of the picture herself comes to the fore. And this is where the subjectivity of the viewer’s interpretation begins.
Very specific lighting moods, overexposures that dissolve the tonal values and a great wealth of detail in other parts of the picture are an essential characteristic of these photos. This change is also repeated in sharpness and blurring. In addition to content-related concerns, these are essential elements of Jana Freiband’s visual language.
from: FOTOHOF Info, issue 1/1982