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Nan Hoover


Photo works and video installations


Nan Hoover was born in the United States in 1931 and currently lives in the Netherlands and Germany. Her work includes video and light installation, photography, painting, drawing and performance. After studying painting at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art in Washington, she turned to the newly emerging medium of video. On the one hand, she preferred to deal with the issue of man in his spatial environment and, on the other hand, she gave light a special meaning in her works.”Light is vital. It is a living source of energy … I treat light as a medium with which I can create.” Nan Hoover
This exhibition will provide an insight into the versatility and overview of the development of Nan Hoover’s work with the mediums of video, photography and performance.
“I believe that the medium you work with is not itself important, what is more important is how that medium expands your vision. That is my pursuit.” Nan Hoover

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