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Rupert Larl


Fotografie als Partitur


At first glance, photography and music appear to be two media, two forms of human expression that could not be more different in terms of history and methodology. Music – we must assume that it is as old as mankind itself and that it has accompanied and influenced the millennia-long development of mankind and its forms of communication. And photography, which is around 150 years old, to a certain extent created itself out of the scientific curiosity of a few wealthy early capitalist citizens and aristocrats. It is a contemporary phenomenon without any anthropological dimension. It has managed to deaden the mysticism of the image that can be traced through the ages.
Billions of images destroy our imagination, reality disintegrates like a discotheque stroboscope into countless individual perceptions that we can no longer categorize. Modern music is also reacting: This time is no longer harmonious and rhythm is represented by an oscilloscope or a rev counter. Isolation and irritation – that is the effect of time on the individual. And in a search for wholeness and understanding, it sets off on a journey into the past, into memory
from: Rupert Larl, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1983