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Franz Bergmüller


Franz Bergmüller

Exhibition view, Franz Bergmüller, “Karin Fisslthaler/Franz Bergmüller“, 2018, © FOTOHOF

Franz Bergmüller correlates photographic objects with a space-defining, process-based and studio-like installation. His artistic approach revolves around the medium of photography: the image as material and body, the breaking-up of the image structure, and image perception in its subjectivity.

Franz Bergmüller, “o.T“, from the series: “Studio Stills“, 2017 Pigment Print, 30 x 45 cm

“A central starting point or rather reference point in the works of Franz Bergmüller is photography and the history of optical media. In particular, he is concerned with perception and its perspectives between the camera view and spatial situatedness, with which he dynamizes the oscillation of image effect, illusory reality, and reality.“ (Hildegard Fraueneder from: “Bild/Raum/Schnitt“, 2017)