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Michael Makart




Started 1982 in spring; first conceived for B/W; I tend – now already less than before, but still noticeable – to the documentary direction of photography; my aspiration goes to show as much of the world as possible – so the pictures are usually very full, to show it as I think it is – hence normal focal lengths and perspectives. Information means a lot to me, so with the spring awakening, color increasingly imposed itself – a B/W project became a “B/W project with color”, just to increase information; with increasing occupation with color photography, the color began to gain more and more importance and independence; in recent works, it has not only become equal to the formal design, it is already beginning to make itself more independent, a circumstance that also gives me pleasure; a danger on this path: there are many clichés in color photography; to which one falls too easily, the tightrope walk between the abysses of the “beautiful” pictures is laborious – but rewarding!

On the subject of Gartenfreunde

Originally created in the southern outskirts of Graz, which is particularly ricezvoll because of its mixture of urban and rural settlement and architecture formun; the many green of the gardens is relaxing, does the eye good if you are longer in the city center; a few pictures from Friuli and Carinthia have also crept in; but that only as background information!
Show me your garden and I’ll tell you who you are! This could be the motto, because: what could represent a person better than the garden he has created! With houses one is very limited in his liberties (design, form, color, size, etc.). ) restricted: there are building codes, building lines, ordinances – limits everywhere; you can build your garden however you want; as an economic garden with fruit trees and vegetables, as a sports garden with pool and table tennis, as a low-maintenance garden, as a jungle garden – adventure jungle for the children, as a flower breeding area, as a dwarf garden, as a garage driveway and concreted parking lot, as a fenceless park for everyone, as a densely hedged privatissimum, as a second Minimundus with castles and palaces, as a magic garden with large glass spheres, as … .. just as everyone wants it and can.
Thus, such an unnoticed piece of the world can say amazingly much about its owner, even become an expression of its essence; this work thus contributes a little to what seems to be the most important goal of photography, indeed of art itself: to try to give knowledge and insight into the world and the people in it.

To the technique

So far almost only SW, since 1982 to color photography, 35mm camera, focal lengths 35 and 50mm mainly, films mostly from Kodak