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Heinz Cibulka


Stammersdorf Fries (1972/2018)

Exhibition view, Heinz Cibulka, “Stammersdorf Fries 1972/2018“, 2023, © Rainer Iglar

Stammersdorf Fries 1972/2018

“Stammersdorf Fries“ by Heinz Cibulka is part of a performance he first presented in 1972 at the Forum Stadtpark in Graz. The multimedia staging featured traditional food and drink, music, transcripts of Heurigen conversations, and a frieze of large-format B/W photographs taken in Stammersdorf near Vienna. In 2018, Heinz Cibulka collaborated with FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE to produce new authorized copies from the original negatives.
These works are now shown in an exhibition of FOTOHOF>ARCHIVE. “Stammersdorf Fries“ is the only black and white work by Heinz Cibulka and was photographed immediately after his involvement as an actor in Viennese Actionism. In this series, he was already dealing with those themes that he would later take up again and again in his picture poems.

Heinz Cibulka, aus der Serie: »Stammersdorfer Fries«, 1972, Modern Pigment-Print 2018, 38,5 x 54,5 cm