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Rainer Iglar, Wolf Junger, Ingolf Poschacher, Monika Schreder, Stefan Zenzmaier


Junge Salzburger Fotograf:innen


In the course of our gallery activities, we are repeatedly approached by photographers who show us their work. We have selected the most interesting ones and put them together in an exhibition.

Rainer Iglar

On the one hand, conscious work with photography, as an examination of the »conditions«of the medium and, on the other, photography as a socially relevant phenomenon. In this exhibition you can see examples from both areas of my photographic work, »world-related« and more conceptual, medium-reflective works.

Wolf Junger

Our supporting body parts, our neglected and imprisoned body parts, our feet are the main character of this story, which is told from the perspective of the very bottom. The childlike perspective of the narrator emerged from this all by itself. Children have even more experience, they grab with their feet, stomp their feet in anger. That is why it has become a children’s book (for adults).

Ingolf Poschacher

With my photo books, I want to continue the tradition of the photo album, which is probably the oldest and most widely used means of presentation. However, for me it is not a container for collecting random pictures, but a thematic compilation of a work process. Such an album is a self-contained unit which, for me, documents the sequence of one or more creative processes.

Monika Schreder

The photos of disabled people were taken in 1982 and should not show a »marginalized group«, but should show us our own position. The personal relationship with the disabled people, which was necessary and which also emanated strongly from them, could not be established in a one-off visit. An important reason for my interest in this task was certainly my work at the Salzburg State Office for the Disabled, but this was later to prove insignificant.
from: FOTOHOF Info, issue 5/1983