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Ana Casas Broda




“The desire to have a child, to be pregnant. The delirium of the first few months: a timeless space. A body that is nourished by mine. Then suddenly shifting into a different scene, an imperceptible and radical transition. Emotions as powerful and contradictory as they are startling.“

The photographic works of Ana Casas Broda, mostly long-term projects, are intense, personal and radical. In the work entitled “Kinderwunsch“ on show at FOTOHOF, the photographer explores the complex themes of pregnancy and motherhood, recalling memories of her own childhood closely linked with photographs of her grandmother.
Ana Casas Broda first began working on “Kinderwunsch“ in 2006. In October 2013 the series was published as a book in three languages (Spanish, English and German) by La Fabrica, Madrid. In May 2014 it was awarded Second Prize as the best artist’s book of 2013 by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Ana Casas Broda, “Ana Playroom V“, from the series: “Kinderwunsch“, 2006-2012, Inject Print on Cotton Paper