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Petar Dabac, Mare Milin


Neue Fotografie aus Kroatien

Installationsansicht, »Neue Fotografie aus Kroatien«, 2007, © FOTOHOF

The current question of redefining the photographic image is not only the subject of theoretical discussions and criticism based on semiotics and hermeneutics, because increasingly numerous photographers are also making their creative contributions to it. These are the photographers who have understood that photography is not an isolated media field, but a component of the general visual culture, which in its own way sees and interprets the reality around it.

Petar Dabac

Petar Dabac records fragments of life in the diary-like documentary “Dear Pero”. Friendship, encounters, love, travel, full plates and empty glasses. The coincidences captured in pictures are apparently chatoic, seemingly senseless, just as they appear in life, so that we can also talk about the connection between this medium and the spirit of surrealism.

Petar Dabac, »Moja-kuhinja«, 2002

Mare Milin

Mare Milin’s approach is self-reflective and autobiographical. The image is sufficient unto itself. The intimacy of the circle of family or friends in which Mare Milin moves gradually disappears from view to allow the universe of human relationships to gradually appear on the horizon in its entirety.

Mare Milin, »Maria«, 2006
In Kooperation mit Foto Galerija Lang Samobor