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New photography from Vienna


Heinz Cibulka, Peter Dressler, Elfriede Mejchar, Anton Palacios Nuñez, Seiichi Furuya, Friedl Kubelka, Christoph Scharff, Leo Kandl, Gerhard Jurkovic


In this collective exhibition, FOTOHOF is showing contemporary photography from Vienna. The names don’t just ring a bell in Vienna, as they are known nationwide as representatives of Austrian auteur photography. So many photographers, so many photographic methods:
The spectrum ranges, for example, from Heinz Cibulka’s picture poems to Elfriede Mejchar’s machine documentations, from Christoph Scharff’s personal»diaries« to Leo Kandl’s pictures of passers-by on Vienna’s Graben. From Friedl Kubelka’s serial 5-year portrait of her daughter to Peter Dressler’s series of pictures that tell a completely different story. Although the exhibition is certainly not intended to be representative due to the regional restrictions on Viennese photographers, it does provide some insights into the state of contemporary Austrian photography – precisely through the many different working methods and approaches to the medium through the different attempts to approach »reality« and the different photographic realities of the other participants.

Curated by Johannes Faber