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Christian Vogt


Notizen und Zufälle


The exhibition is characterized by its openness: the title opens up a great deal of leeway, it does not commit the photographer to certain design patterns from the outset. Vogt presents around 40 small-format black and white photographs, some of which are supplemented by captions, each of which is formally separated by its own frame and does not give the impression that Vogt is trying to tell a coherent story. His pictures and short texts encourage associations in the broadest sense; for example, about the »relationship of things«, when he shows a sheet of paper in one picture and next to it a sheet of paper in a crumpled state: Things and their functions are completely changeable, everything could be completely different. A body, photographed in such a way that it is impossible to determine whether it is seen from the front or the back – the relativity of visual perception; it could just as well be different.
from: Rainer Iglar, FOTOHOF Info, issue 1/1984