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Erich Kees


Photographers from Styria 2: »Stadtlandschaften«


How I see / experience / photograph the city:
As a very emotional type, feelings are at the beginning of my seeing. The city oppresses me, confuses me, even frightens me.
This feeling, somewhat analyzed and brought to mind, is understood as an aversion to the overwhelming abundance or also to the desolate emptiness, to the labyrinth-like confinement, to the lack of any connection to nature.
The thoughts only come afterwards, when the first proofs are available. Questions arise, such as: What kind of world is this?
It is a man-made world. Every square meter manifests human activity. It represents a vast sum of human expressions of existence, thus a cross-section of socio-cultural conditions over a more or less long period of time. It is a world in which man indirectly encounters himself again and again. A reflection of his ability or inability. The city began to fascinate me – an attraction and repulsion.
from: Erich Kees, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1982-83