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Valerijus Koreškovas, Romualdas Požerskis


Photography from Lithuania


The exhibition presents works by Valerijus Koreškovas and Romualdas Požerskis. Photography from the Lithuanian SSR (USSR) is increasingly being exhibited in Western Europe. With the »Society for Photographic Art of the Lithuanian SSR« – founded in 1969, with around 600 professional and amateur photographers as members today, it now maintains branches and photo galleries in several cities, whose program includes the training of members, exhibitions and exhibition reviews and a lively publication activity – the small Soviet republic has an effective set of instruments to sustainably promote the work of its photographers. Every year, the society prepares 200 exhibitions, of which around ten are organized for abroad. In exchange, the same number of exhibitions from abroad are shown in Lithuania – such as »Salzburger Fotograf:innen – Eine Kollektivausstellung der Galerie FOTOHOF« in 1982/83. Within the photography of the Soviet Union, Lithuanian photographers occupy a dominant position and public interest in the Society’s photo exhibitions is great.
from: Jochen D. Range, FOTOHOF Info, issue 4/1985

In Kooperation mit Gesellschaft für Fotokunst der Litauischen SSR, J. D. Range, Österreichisch-Sowjetische Gesellschaft, Tage der Litauischen SSR in Salzburg