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Renate Bertlmann, Linda Christanell, Lotte Hendrich, Karin Mack, Margot Pilz, Sylvia Taraba, Jana Wisniewski


REFLEXIONS – Photographic works by 7 Austrian female artists


The theme of the exhibition »REFLEXIONS« and the subtitle »Photographic works by 7 Austrian female artists« give rise to assumptions that can both be disappointed and confirmed in the exhibition. The exhibited photographic works are certainly not relics of events that were articulated in other artistic media, but may be related to other works. (performance, film, object). They are primarily concepts of thoughts, fantasies, sensitivities, criticism, play, longing for knowledge, etc. formulated with the medium of photography. For the most part, these female artists address various aspects of being a woman, play them out, exaggerate them, dialogize them, whereby the creative process of formulation can have repercussions on their own life practice. An existence that is so active, constantly examining and renewing itself refutes the traditional concept of the »typically feminine«, which is dismissed as passive, instinctive, illogical and even uncreative. The female speechlessness that had previously been replaced by male fantasy (your image in my image) experiences new definitions in the radical rethinking of one’s own position by female people.
from: Karin Mack »REFLEXIONS. On the exhibition of photographic works by 7 Austrian women artists«, Vienna 1982