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Rethinking Photography III


Inge Dick, Maurer + Horáková, Herwig Kempinger, Günther Selichar, An Te Liu, Bitter / Weber

Installationsansicht, »Rethinking Photography III«, 2003, © FOTOHOF

The proliferation of photography in everyday life and contemporary art and the agreement to use it exclusively as a message are the starting points for “Rethinking Photography”.
“Photographs are like discreet servants who deliver their message, but then withdraw quietly so as not to disturb the recipient with their presence when he or she turns to the content” (John Hilliard).
The exhibition at FOTOHOF addresses the question of object reference: How can the photographed object be detached from its reality value, and how does this change its role? How does photography relate to immaterial “objects” or what “new” objects can it produce?
By relativising the object reference, the depicted object is no longer the only subject of photography and the “discretion of the servant” is abolished.

Bitter / Weber, »Superbooks«, 30 x 40 cm
An Te Liu, Fotocollage, 38 x 38 cm
Curated by Ruth Horak