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Right here, right now


Judith Pichlmüller, Annelies Senfter, Thomas Hörl, Karin Peyker, Anja Ronacher, Friedrich Rücker, Severin Weiser

Installationsansicht, »Right here, right now«, 2009, © FOTOHOF

“Right here, right now” shows a picture of current photographic art from Salzburg. Compiled by Viennese curator Severin Dünser, it is an image that approaches the medium from multiple perspectives and sees the “here and now” of photography as a promise that will only be continued in a future past rather than being fulfilled. The selected photographers ask their inherent questions about photography. Dualistically, like the negative and its positive, it is about presence and absence, presentation and representation, image and model, visual languages and their translations – the medium is even negotiated referentially.

Annelies Senfter, Karin Peyker, Friedrich Rücker, Severin Weiser

Annelies Senfter, Karin Peyker and Fritz Rücker work with found images. While the works of Senfter, Peyker and Rücker are about photography and its language in everyday life, its phenomenology, Severin Weiser’s installation is about working with image material, in this case his own, which he presents as a collection, as an archive hidden from view and its actual function.

Annelies Senfter, »Santini«, 2009, 9 x 6 cm
Severin Weiser, »Thumbnail«, 2009, Installation

Anja Ronacher, Judith Pichlmüller

Anja Ronacher shows a video and a slide that depict people, but only refer to an absence in the physical, similar to Judith Pichlmüller, in which animals, mostly insects, appear in her photos and videos as representatives of people and society.

Anja Ronacher, »Ohne Titel«, 2008, 16mm Film, 10min, loop, ohne Ton, 23 x 13 cm
Anja Ronacher, »Insekt«, 2009, Diainstallation, 23 x 13 cm

Thomas Hörl

Thomas Hörl’s works deal with masks, disguises and figures in popular culture, which he exaggerates with the rhetoric of art and draws connections between historical visual material and modernist repertoire of forms.

Thomas Hörl, »...in dem ein Tänzer in Vaßnachtskleidung oder schemenweiß aufgetreten ist...«, Videostill, 2009
Curated by Severin Dünser