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Klaus Peter Knoll


Salzburger Nachtstücke


Not all black is the same. Here a smooth polished surface, impermeable, inaccessible, there a curtain of brown color nuance. Rigid images and images you can penetrate. Pairs of opposites.
Salzburg. A perfect Renaissance stone theater, a backdrop for perfect milk-moon nights. Salzburg suburb. The attempt to find out more about oneself and others ends in the immediate vicinity of the psychiatric clinic.
Signs, writings. Insignia of city life, insignia of power. He lurks around them, traces them, courts them, leaves them. He explores unmoved, he comes and goes. He documents. The exploration leaves traces that hurt. Light, special places. It always depends on how you illuminate something. A series of night scenes in stone – cultural heritage? How far is it from Festspielhaus-Platz to the psychiatric ward? Just a path through the city.
from: Annamaria Colcuc, FOTOHOF Info, issue 3+4/1987